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About Functional Stretch Systems Workshops

At Apex Stretch, we aim to take an integrative approach to stretching. With many varieties of stretching available today, we have gathered the best of all these methods to create unique and effective systems – Functional Stretch Systems. The FSS program is inclusive of many modalities and combines over 15 years of experience in the practice of stretching and flexibility. We are committed to providing the most advanced formats of stretching, backed by science and experience. The dynamic human body boasts complex challenges, and we feel that effective stretching can mitigate most of the pain and discomfort it may feel.

Our workshops are designed with the beginner in mind. Whether you are looking to learn for yourself, or you want to add Functional Stretch to your menu of services, these workshops are designed for every body. We start at the beginning with the Fundamentals and add to that base knowledge in the intermediate and advanced workshops.

functional stretch fundamentals

Functional Stretch Fundamentals

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intermediate functional stretch systems

Intermediate Functional Stretch

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advanced functional stretch systems

Advanced Functional Stretch

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