Intermediate Functional Stretch

Intermediate Functional Stretch

Intermediate Functional Stretch 2 Day Workshop

Once you have a foundation of stretch through the Functional Stretch Fundamentals workshop, you can step into the intermediate workshop. This workshop aims to delve deeper into stretching by utilizing various tools to assist with certain stretches. Additionally, it will explore advanced versions of the fundamental stretches that were covered in the previous workshop. The body is capable of more than we allow and in this workshop, we will explore a deeper understanding of those capabilities through stretching and the integration of tools.

This is a 2 day workshop. The Fundamentals of Functional Stretch Workshop is required prior to taking this workshop.

2020 Workshop Dates:

April 11-12 – Scottsdale, AZ
May 23-24 – Scottsdale, AZ


This course has been approved for 12 CEUs through NCBTMB and the PMA.


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What our Workshop Clients Say

Thank you for a very good class in a wonderful environment.  The steps, focus, and pace of the stretches were easy to absorb, follow and perform.  I appreciate the thoroughness of addressing every muscle/joint group.

Carla E.

In this workshop, students will learn how to:

  • Feel where restrictions are in their own bodies
  • Identify the muscles being stretched through palpation and feedback
  • Students will learn stretches for every part of the body
  • Students will experience in their own bodies, the effects of each stretch and it’s benefits
  • Utilize multiple techniques for addressing the same muscle in order to accommodate various scenarios (pinching/impingement/lack of flexibility/extreme flexibility)
  • Integrate stretching into client sessions
  • Incorporate the use of tools (lacrosse balls, yoga blocks, bamboo sticks) into their client sessions
  • Perform deeper variations of stretches previously taught in the fundamentals workshop